This letter from Mom Mom to Angus D. Hugglesworth was written on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Angus D. Hugglesworth,

We lost you before you even turned 2 and it was like I lost one of my children. Even after the months have gone by, We feel your presence and sometime see you out of the corner of our eye. Your Farky dog misses you so much and doesn't want to get close to your baby kitties any more. I know how you loved those kittens and we tell Farky all the time that it's alright to love them because you would want that for him. I cried the other day, We got our stockings out and yours was in the box, when I saw it, it was like fresh waves of sadness once again. The holidays are harder than I expected. You aren't here to sleep under the tree. I miss you sleeping on my feet at night and all of the funny little faces you would make. I hope you're having a wonderful Holiday time up in heaven, I'm sure that Grandma and Grandpa are spoiling you, they loved fur babies so I know you are in loving arms in heaven. Always know that mommy loves you. I loved you so much that I had to take you to end the suffering. You were looking at me pleading to make it stop and that was all I could do in the end was to let them give you peace. I love you and I miss you. And I'm sure we will feel your presence come Christmas day.


Mom Mom

This letter from your mother Kim to Nubbin was written on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Nubbin,

I already wrote you a letter on November 17th, but there is no rule that you cant write twice.The holidays are here and I miss you more than I could ever say.I'm not even sure if we are getting a tree this year.I am not in the spirit this year.It will be my first Christmas without you.You always liked sitting under the tree.This morning I felt your presence before I went to work.It was almost as though you were following me around the house.It felt so comforting,like you were still here somehow.I have to go back to work now.I know I will write you again in the future.You were the best damn cat anyone could ever hope for and you are forever with me all the time.Till I write again.I love you to the moon and tattoo is coming soon!


your mother Kim

This letter from your mommy and daddy to Lola was written on Monday, December 9, 2013

Dear Lola,

Thinking of you as I often have since you left us... Today July 15, 2014 would have been your 10th birthday...I miss you so very much...I hope you are free and I do know you are watching over us, in fact I know you had a say in helping bring Milo into our blessed to have had the opportunity to recue him, just wish you would be here to enjoy his company as well... Happy Birthday my precious Lily...forever in our hearts you'll be....

What can I say- were missing you- your look, your smell, your quirks, your precious soul, your presence…I can’t seem to understand why you were taken away from us. We don’t know life in our home without you- you were an extension of us and we spent 9 beautiful years together. We got you as a puppy and saw you grow into the greatest companion one could ever have. We’ve been through a lot my friend…through our many painful losses, and there have been many…you were there to comfort us, but now we are mourning you. I hope you didn’t suffer too long. It was painful to watch you gasp for air and lay there motionless staring into nothingness…what were you thinking, what were you seeing? I hope you knew we were there with you till your final breath-comforting you as you crossed over to a life free from illness and suffering. I’ll always remember the way you looked into my eyes as your soul departed your suffering body, but I’ll remember more the look you gave us each day we walked through the door, your greeting and your excitement to see us home from work. The way you looked forward to the same meal everyday was beyond my understanding, and that you would do anything for food- even a crumb, and how we shared yogourt...I can go on forever, too many moments to mention. The happiness you gave us and the how you entrusted your life to us is a true testament of love. We shared such a strong bond. So now we are left to go on without you…so many things we didn’t get to do together…but so much we are fortunate to have shared with you. It was an honor my beloved Lola to have had you in our lives- we miss you and love you…beddy bye time Lola– until we meet again.


your mommy and daddy

This letter from Mom to Rocky Mercurio was written on Friday, December 6, 2013

Dear Rocky Mercurio,

The holidays are here and I can't believe your not here with us to enjoy the food that's on the table. Thankgiving day your Aunt had 28 people over and you missed it. Dori was under the table getting all sorts of treats. She misses you. I told her that you went to heaven. I'm going to hang your stocking up on the chimney at Christmas and put something special inside it like we always do. It's been six weeks since you crossed and it feels like yesterday. I know that we had a very ausome life together on Cape Cod. I was going to buy you a beautiful LL Bean winter coat for Christmas but you won't ever get cold in heaven. I hope they give swimming lessons in heaven because you looked really funny trying to swim. Merry Christmass my handsome dog.



This letter from Ishu to Rio was written on Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear Rio,

Words cant describe how much i miss you baby. The day after you were hit by the car i started writing letters to you on my phone when i came across this website. Initially, the letters only told you how much i missed you and how much i wanted you back. No doubt, i still want you back every second of my life but i have been able to move further than that now. Sometimes i just keep wanting you back so much rio baba. i keep holding onto my heart hoping i feel better but nothing and no one can do that. i just stare at one spot when i miss you and my friend know i miss you as soon as i start doing that. my heart pains every time i realise youre gone. a pain that cant be described. i began living my life with regrets and that was the worst. i still do actually. except it started off with lots. what if i could have saved you? what if i never went for a sleepover and then you would have stayed with me and not gone out and gotten hit. what if you hadnt passed away the the guard just thpught you had. but the one i still live with - is i wish i had held you one last time. i could have had the chance to say my final good bye to my little baby. i could have held you and kissed you and just cuddled you. and till now there is no explanation i can find for makingmy self feel better for not holding you. even now while typing this a sick feeling fills me. i feel like i cant move my fingers but i just keep typing. i really cant say more right now and i know you know it all anyway. from age 14 to 16, you accompanied me, unselfishly for the full 2 years you lived. wish you didnt have to go so soon

love you my baba.

'we only part to meet again'



This letter from Kim aka "mummy" to Chelsea was written on Sunday, December 1, 2013Chelsea

Dear Chelsea,

I miss you so very much. It snowed this week, "Chelsea snow". It's my first winter without you. The snow used to make me happy because I knew how much you'd enjoy it. Pushing your face deep in to the snow and then pulling your head out, you'd always have a tiny pile of snow on the tip of your nose. Then you'd throw yourself in to the snow and lay on your back, wiggling back and forth to make snow angels. I hated the winter until you came in to my life. When I saw how much you loved the snow I began to love winter, because I began to see it through your eyes. Your happiness brought me so much joy.

Some people don't understand why the Chelsea-sized hole in my heart isn't knitting together. I don't know if it ever will. I know that hole was the price of admission for having you in my life and even though my heart is breaking, it's a price I'd pay again and again. Thank you sweet angel, for showing me the world through your eyes. I love you, I'll love you forever.


Kim aka "mummy"

This letter from Mama (Maria) to Mochi was written on Thursday, November 21, 2013Mochi

Dear Mochi,

You came into my life

unexpectedly, thirteen years ago,

you were just a little girl

about nine months old.

It’s hard to believe

someone had abandoned you.

Well, now I was the lucky one,

to have you in my home.

You were very smart, obedient,

fun and so playful.

You were cute as a button,

with the most beautiful soulful eyes.

You were friendly, funny and always so happy,

but best of all, you were mine.

You filled my life with joy and happiness,

my days with hope and purpose.

You filled our home with warmth and comfort,

my heart with love and peace.

You made me laugh when I least expected it

and when I needed it most.

You helped me through some tough times,

making it all good.

Before too long you were my best friend and my world.

We walked for hundreds of miles together,

your little paws explored the streets of Rodeo, Melrose, Santa Monica, Laguna, and many more.

We even took the ferry to the island of Balboa,

I think you especially enjoyed walking

our home town of Aliso Viejo.

You accompanied me to the carwash

and errands around town.

You loved to go bye-bye,

be it cold or summer heat,

you were always ready

to jump right into your car seat.

On Friday nights we were at the Spectrum

checking out the shops,

somehow you always found your way

directly to the pet shop.

Everyday you waited by the window

until my car turned the corner,

I could see you jump and run to greet me

happily at the door.

We closed our eyes at night

and you woke up by my side,

you were my little sunshine

making everything alright.

Every Christmas morning

you found your gifts tucked under the tree,

you quickly unwrapped them

and went back to look for more.

I’m still puzzled how you didn’t touch

anyone else’s, just the ones for you.

I still think you were amazing

at how much you knew.

Forever I will remember

the road trips we took together

to Aspen, Sedona, Utah,

Grand Canyon, and more.

The weekend trips to Big Bear,

Arrowhead, LA and Del Coronado.

Our camping in the woods

and hikes in the mountains,

driving up the coast and

through the rolling hills.

Everything was better

when you were by my side.

Most of all I’ll treasure our yearly trips to Carmel,

it was just the two of us, we were never alone,

it was our home away from home.

We spent the days walking about,

and saying hello to every pup in town.

I know your favorite treat was running free

for hours on the beaches of Carmel.

You didn’t know it,

but that was my special treat too,

I smiled and laughed for hours

just watching you.

But lately it’s only been trips to the vet,

they said your heart will get larger

and breathing will be tough.

I gave you all your pills,

oh this is getting rough,

to see your health declining

and your appetite grow less,

all the while your tail is wagging

to camouflage your pain.

You didn’t like to be held too long,

you preferred to stand on your own,

but on our last day together

you curled up in my arms.

For hours I held you close

as your head rested on my heart.

You knew that’s what I needed

to comfort the ache in my heart

and to quiet my weeping

as the tears poured out in fear.

Thank you, my precious Mochi,

for comforting my life until the painful end.

You gave me your everything

until your eyes closed to rest.

My heart is aching now,

the house is empty

and doesn’t feel like home.

My days are long and lacking,

my life is lost and lonely.

Now I stand alone without balance,

reflecting, and yearning for more.

My tears keep flowing,

oh, this is when I need you most.

Forever I will treasure you,

my little piece of heaven.

You are now a little angel

resting in my heart.

I love you my little Momo,

and forever I will miss you.

Missing You,

Mama (Maria)

This letter from Rocky Mercurio to Rocky Mercurio was written on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Rocky Mercurio,

My darling Rocky boy how I miss you so. It has been three weeks today since we had to say our goodbyes. It was 10.5 years ago that your Dad was working on a house and I decided to viset him on the job. Your Dad said there are boxer puppies here only 4 weeks old. You were born April 29/2003. There were eight of you. Your brother's and sisters were all so darling. You came toward me in your awkward puppy way and it was as if you chose me. I quickly ran outside and excitedly said to your Dad, I love them but I know there is one with an all black face that I really want to bring home. Well that day we decided when it was time you would become part of our family. I began the process of puppy proofing and reading about boxers and buying gifts for you. I had always longed for a child of my own and it never happened. I had always wanted a dog to love and knew one day it would come to tuition. We got so lucky with you Rocky. What great fun you were right from the start. So playful, so smart, and so affectionate. You were hard to resist. Everyone loved you. The way you would fly so gracefully of the deck and leap in the air chasing the squirrels around the yard was a beautiful thing to watch. You would perch yourself on the back of the sofa gazing out the bay window waiting patiently for us to get back home. When we opened the door there you were with one of your toys in your mouth and wagging that little tail of yours. I loved the way you would bend inhalf when you got excited. You gave me the best 10 years of my life. I miss our daily walks on the beach and down the path to the river. I miss my wet kisses all over my face. I miss tucking you in at night and saying our prayers together. I miss your long stairs that we would do from time to time. I know I'll see you again in heavin. I wish we could have had another 10 or 20 years together here, but I will see you in heavin. Dad and I love you so very much Rocky.

P.S. I know you are having a lot of fun with your family and friends that made it to heavin before you did. I have a lot more work to do here but when I'm finished I'll be home to see you.

Love Mom

Missing You,

Rocky Mercurio

This letter from Grandma to Ruby was written on Sunday, November 17, 2013Ruby

Dear Ruby,

Hi Ruby, it's grandma. I sure do miss you. I am so glad I was able to be there with you in your last moments with us. It was so difficult looking in to your sweet little face as your pain was taken away for that I am grateful. My pain in dealing with you no longer being with us seems on going, 10 1/2 yrs went by way too fast. Your mommy gave me your toy bone, the one with the butterfly on it, I pick it up often and hold it to my heart, but you already know that don't you! I look at the pictures of you from when you first came to your mommy and our family and each year you look so different and even more beautiful. You had quite the talent for the camera, posing for every shot just like your mommy used to do! You were her little Diva. I didn't know until recently that you saved her from loneliness when she first moved away from home, thank you Ruby for taking such good care of Tracey, you loved each other so much. I know you are with her everyday! Do you remember how you let grandma give you a bath and then to dry off you would go back and forth along the pillows on the bed and then and sit in front of the hair dryer but just for a few seconds, then it was back to the pillows! And oh how you hated to be brushed!!! Even biting if you thought it hurt or was going to hurt! I also remember that Mother's Day you were staying with us when I woke to your yelping...oh how I remember that cry only to find out that you and Dapper Dan, the cat, ran into each other around a corner and you got clawed...we rushed you to the emergency vet and thankfully it was only near your eye. Yes, you had a lot of trauma in your little life. You were the runt of the litter of papillons but you always acted like the biggest dog in the world! I miss you. You and Gabby were so cute chasing each other around the house, Gabby would hide and slap you as you ran by but never did she have her claws out, you were true friends. I miss your kisses and can remember the last ones. I find myself tearing up when I pass the dog toy aisle in the stores. I have the last toy I bought for you, I didn't get to see you open it. You loved to open presents and you thought they should all be yours! Did I say "Diva"! I'm sorry we were apart for a while but I talked to you and I know you heard me send my love. Say hi to my grandma, I miss her, I know she will love you too! And grandpa Clarke too! You are romping with Prancer, Dapper, Jazz and so many more. Always in our hearts you will be. Your little "BIG" heart just gave out even though your mommy worked so hard to keep you healthy, so many times on oxygen. She did it with such love for you. You were so smart Ruby! Thank for taking care of her. I am so glad you spent a few happy weeks at your mommy's and daddy's new home, for you put your footprint there just for them, you are there, grandpa even saw you...shhhh! You brought so much joy to my life and many others. You are spinning in heaven now and watching over your mommy. Your signs are everywhere to prove it! Did I mention how smart you are! You were so brave little girl, I'm so glad that you went to heaven in your own home with your loved ones there, I'll never forget your last sweet breath. No pain left for you, only fun, spinning, gifts, kisses, romping, and being a Diva and the love you gave and received is what you have now in heaven. Grandma will always love you. I hope the pain of your loss will ease soon and I only remember the fun of having you in our lives! God Bless you Ruby and Thank You for watching over your mommy. Grandma loves her little Ruby girl and your mommy too! Fly little butterfly, your spirit is here with us. P.S. Grandpa and so many others loved you too! Xoxo



This letter from your mama to Petit was written on Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dear Petit ,

It's been a few years since we had to say goodbye. i think about you almost every day. I loved your always cheerful disposition, your baby like cries (aka meow), your big fat fluffy snuggles, the way you looked at me upside down. I wonder from time to time if there was anything else I could have done for you, and wish I had tried to pursue other vets. i just didn't know enough about your condition or think of questioning our vet. BUT please know my dear Petit that i loved you with every ounce of me. You were my little baby, and you always will be.

i love you,



your mama