This letter from Mom to Tamaiijja was written on Tuesday, October 19, 2010Tamaiijja

Dear Tamaiijja,

I can't believe that you have been gone over a year already. I miss you so much. You were the sweetest dog I have ever known. After all you went through the first year of your life..being chained out in someone's backyard with no shelter then breaking free only to be hit by a car and lose a leg. After you became a part of our family you went on to become a Canine Good Citizen and registered therapy dog. The kids you visited and helped to read...the people in the hospital and those undergoing chemo brightened their days with your sweet face and wagging tail. I miss your head resting on my lap...your nose nudging me to keep petting you and that husky howl when you wanted to play ball in the snow! All your brothers and sisters miss you very much would have loved playing with your new brother Gunner...he is a goofy hound that I think you sent our way.

The five years I had with you surely were not enough...cancer is an evil disease that you fought bravely and with dignity. Making the decision to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge was so hard and I cry often when I see your picture or think of you...I hope that you are running free with Sandy, Bailey, Skeeter, Winnie and the rest of your family. Please look out for Murray as he has a sick heart and will not be with us too much for him and show him the way...

You were such a beautiful dog...such a sweet soul and though the time I had with you was way too short it was such a blessing having you in my life. Knowing that you are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge helps me get through the days. Hopefully I made your life half as wonderful as you made mine...I miss you everyday and love you so much MiMae!!!