This letter from Mama (Yvania) to Damon was written on Tuesday, January 3, 2017Damon

Sweet Damon,

It's been 1 year since our last moments together. They seem so fleeting still. I still regret how short of a time we had together but if I had to change anything I would not change a thing. With you, I learned something I had never known before which is the ability to love so unconditionally. And it was that unconditional love I have for you that obligated me to have to let you go.

I often feel you here with me. I can finally laugh and smile when I think of you. It took me some time to get here though I find myself crying as I write this note as a cool fall night descends upon us I cannot help but wish you were here with me as my own personal space heater.

Poopy nose I miss the way you tossed your toys around, how you would bite into my shopping bags, how no shoelace was safe, you sneaking into my closet to nap and our Sundays on the couch curled up with the blanket.

I hope you have everything you need and you are as healthy as the day we met without the pain and discomfort you felt on your last few days with me. I am sure you have all the treats and toys your heart desires.

Thank you for your time here with me, making me laugh and bringing me the most joy of my life.

I miss you every day and know some day I'll allow another kitty to try and fill your paws but know you will always be my first love.

Love Always,

Mama (Yvania)