This letter from Diane to Rusty was written on Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Rusty,

I miss you so much! It has been only 2 days without you and the house is so lonely. I wish I knew that you were really sick before it was too late. Nobody knew that you had cronic kidney failure until it was too late. It is just not fair since you were only 5 years old. According to the doctor, you must have been sick for a long time and even born with it.

Just yesterday, Daddy went out to the garage to get pellets for the stove and he stopped dead because he thought he saw you lying in the corner next to the futon. We both miss you so much. Ziggy has been a wonder help though. Our first night without you, he slept in bed with us, in your spot, and stayed there until we feel asleep. Our king size bed seems so empty without you.

Daddy is off doing snowmobile trail work this morning and this was my first time alone without you. I miss you following me from room to room even if it just for a second. I missed you laying in my craft room helping me pick out fabric for the next quilt I am making. It is a sunny but breezy day today. You should see how much sun is coming in through the sliding glass door today. I miss seeing your laying there.

This week, I am going to go through my pictures and get them printed so that I can finish your scrapbook. The last picture I have in there was from your 3rd birthday when you were eating unfrosted yellow cupcakes. I think I will also make some birthday cupcakes this week. I know you were too sick to have them for your birthday last Monday so Daddy and I will remember you while we have them.

I hope you found your big brother Brandy in heaven. I miss him too! Now you are both up there watching over us. Are there plenty of frisbees in heaven? I know how much you loved playing. You would play for hours if we had the time. You always made me so happy when you would catch it up in the air. Remember the time you pooped in your frisbee and freaked out because it was in there. Daddy had to come over and dump it out so you could continue playing. You are too funny!

Daddy and I will be getting a new puppy when we get back from Disney in three weeks. Please help guide us to pick out a new friend to share our home and life with. We are not trying to replace you it is just that we miss someone greeting us when we come home. Someone to share popcorn and ice cream with. You will always be remembered! I love you Rusty Buckets!