This letter from Denise to Missy Nala was written on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Missy Nala,

i'm so sorry i couldn't spend more time with you in the last months of your life. it was so hard not being able to see you everyday. i wish i could've came and gotten you but with everything going on it was impossible. i just want you to know how much you mean to me. i think about you all the time and all the joy you brought me. you truly were my best friend. i always knew seeing your little face would make me feel better. i know you're in a better place now (with billybob too!). it's better that i wasn't there at the time of your passing because i don't think i would've handled it well at all. it still hurts and a part of me still hopes i'll find you waiting for me at the door but i find comfort in knowing you lived a long happy life. i miss you so much and i know master bates misses you too! i'll always love and cherish the special memories you filled my life with! my bratty lil missy nals. i love you and will remember you always!

Missing You,