This letter from Dad to Rufus was written on Tuesday, October 4, 2016Rufus

Dear Rufus,

You showed up at my front door one day out of the blue. I didn’t know what your actual name was so I thought Rufus seemed to fit you rather nicely (Hope you liked the name). How incredibly sweet and what a handsome face. How could I resist? You were wearing only a flea collar and you had been fixed. You certainly appeared healthy (weight wise). Why on earth would you be roaming around all alone in the neighborhood? How could someone just leave you? I have always imagined that it was a hard choice for them to make. Maybe they thought you would be better off on your own outside. Who knows. However, the one thing that I do know is it turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of my life.

You quickly acclimated yourself to the house and your new surroundings. Maggie and your kitty step sisters Isabel and Sophia graciously welcomed you in. I’ll never forget how wonderful it was when you would walk up and down the side of the bed demanding lots of belly and chin rubs. And when you had your fill of those, you would curl up beside me with one outstretched paw placed on my arm and gently doze off to sleep. You slept with our paw like this for such a long time – the first few years if I remember correctly. I thought it was incredibly sweet but at the same time I had a feeling it was because you wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to leave you like someone had before. I can tell you that is something that would never have happened in a million years my sweet boy. Never.

I wanted to write this so that you would know how much you meant to me and what a profound mark you left on my heart. You were not perfect – not even close. But then again, neither was I. With everything we went thru though, I would not change a thing. That is because I love you, plain and simple.

Spending the entire day with you on what would turn out to be your last day here before heading off to heaven was a very hard and yet freeing experience for me. In no way was I ready for you to go, but on the other hand it was nice to just sit and reflect over the time we had together. I’m very sad that I wasn’t there for your last breath but I have a feeling you didn’t want me to be there either. Your sister Isabel was with you and that eases the pain a little. I wish I could have said goodbye my sweet little guy, but I think that is what you were trying to avoid. So when I went to take a call you quietly departed with Isabel there to help you. I understand. I have never been that great at goodbyes myself either.

Thanks again for being such a good listener. Our late night talks will definitely be missed. More importantly though, thanks for all the love. Hopefully I showed you how much I care and love you while you were here.

So goodbye for now sweet boy – Until we see each other again. Love you !!

Talk to you on Wednesday (only you will get this)

(PS – I hope you don’t mind but I put the picture of the painting I did of you – It’s from when we first met --- Haven’t seen my heart since )